Wine list


Rizling vlaššský / Terra Wylak/ AOV / dry                                                                              
Wine of bright green color with a golden shade. Spicy fruity to spicy scent reminds of a mixture of green apples, freshly picked citrus, which enhances acidity in a medium-long, impulsive taste. The flavor leaves notes of pear purée with a drop of lime honey, pink grape pear and a ubiquitous trace of nutmeg.
0,75 l / 15,90€
Pesecká leánka KRUHE / Pivnica Čajkov / AOV / semi dry/ SVK                 
Wine from a vineyard planted on a tufa-volcanic bedrock. Juicy, fruity and temperamental, with a finely apricot finish. Creation of sediment is the natural property of wine and does not diminish its quality.
0,75 l / 21,90€
Veltlínske zelené Jagnet / Karpatská Perla / AOV / dry
Wine comes with golden yellow colour and aroma of tropical fruits and garden fruits. The taste is medium bodied, fruity with spicy finish.
0,75 l / 15,90€
Tramín červený DÍLEMÚRE / Karpatská Perla / AOV / sweet / SVK                          
 Golden color wine with  characteristic aroma of violets, roses and honey. The taste is rich, with notes of fruit and honey, harmoniously supplemented with a softly spicy background.
0,50 l / 24,90€


Grüner Veltliner Selection / Ferdinand Mayr / dry / AUT
Delicate and elegant, fruity, fine-bodied acid, incredibly fresh and juicy, refreshing, medium weight, delicate spice.
0,75 l / 14,90€
Sauvignon blanc Cellar Selection / Sileni / dry / NZE
The Cellar Selection Sauvignon Blanc has ripe tropical and gooseberry fruit flavours with a zingy finish and impeccable balance. A great aperitif or seafood wine made for drinking young.
0,75 l / 22,90€
Pálava / Vinařství Volařík / NZ / semi dry / CZE
This Palava offers a fresh fragrance lychee, mandarin and jasmine. The taste is full, extractive and lime acidity. The taste extends significantly rambutan.
 0,75 l / 23,90€
Dr.L Riesling Dry / Dr.Loosen / dry / GER
Juicy streaks of grapefruit and pineapple in this spry, dry Riesling are cut by laser-focused acidity and rocky edges of slate. It’s approachable and fresh yet abundantly elegant.
0,75 l / 19,90€
Bourgogne (Chardonnay) / Laroche / dry / FRA
Wine with delicious fruity freshness thanks to inox fermentation. Structure and roundnes finds after with aging in new oak barrels.
0,75 l / 26,90€
Gewürtztraminer  / Willa Wolf  / semi sweet / GER                                                                 
Villa Wolf Gewürztraminer is clean, fruity and wonderfully light on its feet, showing off the aromatic charm of the variety without being heavy or ponderous. It has a deliciously juicy texture and a delightfully delicate aroma of spice and fresh roses.
0,75 l / 17,90€


Merlot Rosé / Terra Wylak / AOV / semi sweet / SVK
Scent is fresh, yet smooth, with a hint of sweet caress. Aroma of cherry syrup, wild blackberries and a breath of leaves or mint. The taste is clean, full of fruit, white cherries, currants, blackberry leaves.
0,75 l / 15,90€
Pinot noir rosé / Villa Wolf / dry / GER
The Villa Wolf Pinot Noir Rosé is a true rosé, made with a brief maceration before pressing to extract color. It is light and refreshing, with deliciously bright berry and fruit flavors and a clean, zippy finish.
0,75 l / 16,90€


Frankovka modrá Jagnet / Karpatská Perla / AOV / dry
Wine comes with ruby red colour. Extraordinary vintage 2015 made it´s mark in fruity aroma full of cherries and sweetwood. The aromatic profile further developes in taste. It makes an velvety and harmonic impression, that was developed by aging in big oak casks.
 0,75 l / 15,90€
Cabernet Sauvignon barrique / Vinárstvo Rariga  / AOV / dry                                     
 Wine ruby purple color and intense, captivating scent of black currants and dark forest fruits, enriched with graphite, cedar and tobacco tones of barrique barrels. It has a distinctive and extravagant taste, delicate spices, supported by the excellent acid structure and tannins creating a refined flavor.
0,75 l / 27,90€
Modrý portugal / Terra Parna  / AOV / dry                                                                             
Purple-ruby color. The scent is soft and fruity with a slice of plums, blackberries and black pepper. The taste is fruity with a juicy acid and a medium-long finish.
0,75 l / 21,90€
Dunaj / Pivnica Čajkov  / AOV / dry                                                                                                 
The massive wine of deep red to ruby color was for two years matured in wooden barrels. Juicy flavor of the forest fruit. Minerality in the flavor is a feature of the tuck base of volcanic origin.
0,75 l / 33,90€


Sangre de Toro / Miguel Torres / dry / ESP
Intensive red-purple wine. In the nose full of red and black fruits, which is dominant with a touch of spice, typical for this variety, blending with the scent of vanilla, cloves and tobacco. The taste is well rounded, with sweet, elegant tannins that leave a strong, juicy and lush flavor.
0,75 l / 19,90€
Primitivo Puglia “12 e mezzo” Organic / Varvaglione  / dry / ITA
Intensive red color with violet reflection. Light aromas of crisp, blackcurrant with a pleasant onset of nutmeg, liqourice, vanilla chocolate. The lower alcohol level is nicely attached to fresh acid, which completes the balanced and long fruity flavor.
0,75 l / 23,90€
Crios Malbec  / Susana Balbo   / dry / ARG                                                                                    
Deep purple red wine. The flavors are dominated by berries, cherries, some smoke, and even perhaps something like a cigars. The round tannins produce a nice feel in the mouth and help extend the finish.
0,75 l / 27,90€
Merlot The Velvet Devil  / Charles Smith Wines  / dry / USA                                              
Intense ruby color with bouquet dominated by freshly ripened blackcurrant fruits, black vanilla tonic tones. Medium full and perfectly balanced with pleasant acidity. Long and velvet end.
0,75 l / 35,90€
Pinot Noir (Mas las Chevaliere )  / Laroche  / dry/ FRA                                                     
The wine has a fine ruby color with a brick red border. The smell of cherry and sour cherries prevails in aroma. A flavor full of notes and tones of red stone fruit. This is a balanced tannin and perfect harmony.
0,75 l / 18,90€
Triathlon – Grenache Shiraz Merlot  / Château Tanunda  / dry / AUS                            
Wine of dark ruby color. The scent of black berry fruit appears as black berries, black currant with a trail of rubber at the end. The taste is fresh with acidic scrubs and a medium-long finish.
    0,75 l / 22,90€
The Invisible Man  / Casa Rojo  / dry / ESP                                                                                   
Deep cherry blossom with purple edge. A perfect combination of modernity and tradition, between fruit and wood. Tones of wild fruit, blackberries, cocoa and pelendrek candy.
0,75 l / 32,90€


Rigol Cava Brut / Grupo Freixenet / DOC / dry / ESP
Spanish sparkling wine produced with method traditionele. Nice toast note with perzistent sparkling. The taste is fresh with long finish.
0,75 l / 14,90€
Vino Spumante Porta Millesimato / Zardello / Brut / ITA
Wine shows fantastic quality and harmonic structure with delicate aromas of white apples.
0,75 l / 19,90€
Malvasia Calicella Frizzante Dolce / Ariola / IGP / sweet / ITA
Intense strawyellow color. Glamorous and persistent aroma with notes of peach, lime blossom and locust. Taste is slightly sweet and soft.
 0,75 l / 14,90€
Champagne Boizel / Brut Reserve / dry / FRA
The robe is brilliant straw gold. The effervescence shows great finesse with tiny bubbles in swirling columns. The expressive, fine and fresh nose opens on white flowers aromas followed by an elegant fruity ambiance with notes of white peach, apricot, hints of citrus fruits and brioche. The final is rich with lovely persistence.
0,75 l / 64,90€



Vino Spumante Porta Millesimato / Zardello / Brut / ITA

0,10 l / 3,00€

Prosecco Perlae Naonis Millesimato Brut  / San Simone / Suché / ITA

0,10 l / 3,50€



Veltlínske zelené Jagnet / Karpatská Perla / dry / SVK
0,10 l / 2,30€
Dr.L Riesling Dry / Dr.Loosen / dry / GER
0,10 l / 3,00€


Merlot Rosé / Terra Wylak / AOV / semi sweet / SVK   
0,10 l / 2,30€
Pinot noir rosé / Villa Wolf / dry / GER
0,10 l / 3,00€


Frankovka modrá Jagnet / Karpatská Perla / Suché / SVK

0,10 l / 2,30€

Sangre de Toro / Miguel Torres / Suché / ESP

0,10 l / 3,00€